Re: Re: Simply Color

Duncan Rawlinson

Stunning photograph. My initial reaction to this photograph was very positive. I loved the way the highly saturated flowers jump out of the dark background of the image. I also liked the harsh lighting on the foreground, the shadows, the textures, the color contrast, and the vibrancy and loudness of the image.

You’ve obviously used lighting in this photograph to help isolate your foreground and the vibrant purple and yellow colors. That is the most unique and noticeable element to this photograph. While we’ve been learning about using focus, composition and depth of field to isolate your main image, you’ve taken this one step further and you’re using lighting to help isolate your main image and dull your background. You’ve done an amazing job with this photograph.

My only recommendation for the photograph would be to consider changing the back left corner of the image. You’ve chosen not to completely blacken out your background. You’ve maintained a pleasant abstract background. However, although I feel the right side of the image and the foreground work very well, there is something slightly “busy” and “distracting” about the back left corner of the image. Other than that…. Beautiful work. Your best yet!