Re: Re: Simply Color

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful photograph.

I think this is one of your best photographs yet. You have great focus, lighting, texture, color control, framing and balance. Great work.

Again, my last comment still stands about “message” and “story”, but you can work on that for your next assignments.

I want to discuss a few of the elements to this photograph that I really like. For starters I really like the tonal range of the shot. On the right hand side you have dark blacks in the shadows of the shrub. Then on the left hand side you have much lighter tones in the wood or whites around the highlights of the leaves. This range in tones ensures your image is not flat or boring.

Secondly, I love your sharp composition. The focus is on the foreground and you’ve slightly blurred the background without loosing the context of the shot. This helps you isolate the area you want your audience to focus on while still providing interesting textures in the blurred part of the background.

Thirdly, I really appreciated your photograph’s balance. The tree makes up the majority of the “weight” of the shot. It takes up two thirds of the composition while the wooden fence in the background takes up 1/3rd. This helps you ensure your image abides by the rule of thirds and gives it an informal balance which makes it more interesting to look at.

Great work so far. I like seeing your progression. I just want to see you start to focus more on visual story telling now.

Best of luck!