Using You Imagination In Photography

Using You Imagination In Photography

Photography is about using your imagination, it’s about creating ideas that speak to people and create interest from a viewer’s standpoint. We want to introduce you to a photographer who uses his creative genius to create scenes for commercial photography. The photographer known as Rolph Gobits would use natural settings rather than studios to present his fashion photography work. He would relate color schemes, architecture, furnishings and lighting to create a setting which would tell the intended pictorial story most accurately. The photographs of this young Dutch photographer were carefully composed without appearing unnatural. He finds a way to achieve great balance and harmony by using simple linear division and the use of lines and shapes.

One of the most important things that an amateur photographer should learn from Rolph Gobits is that he only includes elements that will enhance the composition of the picture. There are never any distracting or unwanted elements within the picture. This point cannot be overemphasized enough. Knowing what to leave out of your photograph is as important as knowing what to leave in your photograph.

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