Jay Maisel on How to Be a Better Photographer

Here are a couple videos from pdnonline. The videos are not embeddable so you'll have to click the links to view them.

Video 1

"Legendary photographer Jay Maisel offers advice on how to take better photographs, including tips on how to be a more successful street photographer. Maisel recently published Light, Gesture & Color, a book "for people that are tired of bullshit books that tell them exactly what to do, and so they get rote results," he told PDN."

video by pdnonline

Video 2

"Photographer Jay Maisel, author of Light, Gesture & Color, defines "gesture" as those qualities that distinguish a particular subject from the archetypal--and by extension, good photographs from boring ones. In this video, he explains how to see gesture, and use it to make better, more distinctive photographs."

video by pdnonline