Apply For Photography Jobs Online

Apply For Photography Jobs Online

Here is a list of job resources specicially for photography-specific jobs. This resource was compiled to help you explore both contract work and full-time positions as you prepare for a career in photography.

Career Builder
This is one of the largest jobs websites in the world.

This site compiles photographer job listings and helps you identify companies that are well-trusted or well-paying by attaching icons to companies recognized by Forbes magazine and GlassDoor.

This site is yet another job board. What's great about this site is that it has a specific section for photographers that categorizes listings by education level, experience requirements, companies, and location. SimplyHired allows you to save your most promising posts and share opportunities with other friends and colleagues.

As the name of the site suggests this site allows freelance photographers to bid on job posts. Projects typically include small photo editing jobs and wedding photography.

This site is a large job board with an abundance of managerial positions in more industrial fields like architectural and advertising photography. Indeed also categorizes job listings by salary estimates.

Don't forget to check your local Craigslist and Linkedin.

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