Architecture Photography As A Career

Average Salary:

Work Environment:
Mostly On-location shooting, buildings, offices, and home settings.

Recommended Entry Level Education:
Online photography course and bachelor’s degree recommended.

Job description:
Architecture photographers generally photograph buildings and landmarks whether for public art projects, urban planning endeavours, or real estate advertisement. These photographers try to highlight the structural features of the buildings they are shooting. Architecture photographers manipulate depth of field and highlight vertical lines in order to maximize the space in the viewer’s eye. They often use tilt shift lenses to reduce distortion in their images.

If you want to pursue a challenging form of photography that requires you to visually characterize a space in only a few frames with unpredictable lighting, a career as an architecture photographer might be fore you. These photographers work closely with their employers to choose and post the best images for historical landmark brochures and real estate listings.

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