Commercial Photography As A Career

Average Salary:

Work Environment:
Studios, outdoors, offices.

Recommended Entry Level Education:
Online photography course.
Associate’s degree also recommended.

Job Description:
Advertising and commercial photographers generally shoot on location. They then digitally edit their images to create promotional materials for various businesses. These are often printed in magazines and or posted online. A commercial photographer has to be business savvy as they work with marketing executives and can work directly on the brand and aesthetic of businesses and products of all sizes. As a commercial photography you should be prepared to shoot under tight deadlines.

Commercial photography might be right for you if you would enjoy working with businesses and organizations on creative marketing campaigns. Photography itself does not generally pay well as a career choice. That said, commercial would be one of the most lucrative careers in the field of photography. Most large businesses invest large sums of money on marketing and good photography is part of that process. Commercial photographers should expect to constantly brainstorm with their contractors to decide how a company or product should be visually represented.

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