Food Photography As A Career

Average Salary:

Work Environment:
On-location shooting, studio environments, photo editing labs.

Entry-level education:
Like product photographers, food photographers are often required to have at least a bachelor’s degree. An online course is also essential.

Job description:
Food photographers are in charge of shooting food items provided by a variety of clients. Clients may include grocers, restaurants, and even fast food establishments. The chief goal is to highlight the color and dimensions of food in order to make the food look more appealing, enticing, and plentiful. Food photography usually requires photo editing, color correction, and graphic design skills. They should expect to work closely with marketing professionals and food preparation staff.

If you're interested in producing highly marketable photographs and practicing photo editing skills food photography may be worth pursuing for you. A love of food is an absolute necessity in this type of career. Of course you must understand that you will spend most of your time prepping the food for photos. You will also spend a great deal of time editing your photographs to create lovely images that appeal to different markets. You will not necessarily be eating any of it!

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