Photojournalism As A Career

Average Salary:

Work Environment:
Mostly fieldwork and office work.

Suggested Entry Level Education:
Essential: online photography course.
Essential: Bachelor's degree.

Job Description:
Photojournalists do extremely important work. They communicate political, social, and economic events all over the globe. Photojournalists often travel light because they have no other choice. They do't always have full camera rigs with lighting set-ups. Obviously this is impossible if your job is to shoot spontaneous and real time events. Photojournalists often have to work in politically or socially volatile places and it can be a very high-risk photography career. If you want to learn about a particularly great photojournalist study the career of James Nachtwey.

If you enjoy capturing images that accurately portray current events becoming a photojournalist might be for you. Of course photojournalism can lead to work abroad where you'll explore new cultures and have incredible adventures. Although one should expect to begin a career covering local stories for small newspapers and organizations.

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