Sports Photography As A Career

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Average Salary:

Work Environment:
Sporting events, press-laden venues.

Suggested Entry Level Education:
Essential: online photography course.
Essential: Bachelor's degree.

Job Description:
As you would expect sports photographers take photographs of athletes and celebrities at sporting events. In order for sports photographers to get better images they are often separated from the fans and are given special access so they can have an unobstructed view of the game or field of play. Should you choose this type of photography job, you will be tasked with telling the story of the sporting event through images. This like many careers is easier said than done.

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If you love sports and photographing large events you may want to consider sports photography as a career. Although you will get special access to top athletes, coaches, and events you will have to remain focused on the task at hand. That is while everyone else is enjoying the game your job is to get the best images you can. Sports photography comes with very tight deadlines. Many shooters have to edit and deliver shots during the game or immediately after the game.

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