Wedding Photography As A Career

Average Salary:

Work Environment:
Outdoor, festive ceremonies, destination wedding locations if you're good!

Recommended Entry Level Education:
Essential: online photography course.

Job Description:
It's not rocket science. Wedding photographers take photos of weddings! Often wedding photographers will document every participant during wedding ceremonies and even the receptions that follow. Wedding photographers need to be direct and to the point when managing photo ops. Wrangling and gathering wedding guests for impromptu pictures with family members is not easy but it's a must for this type of job. The work of a wedding photographer does not stop after the wedding. Expect to spend days or weeks editing and sequencing the proofs, as well as handling album/print orders.

If you enjoy working with people and love weddings you may choose to become a wedding photographer. A potential downside is that weddings are exteremly important events for the clients. As such you can expect to deal with clients who are stressed to the max. So you must ensure all shots are taken and remain professional while doing so. If you would enjoy capturing photos of weddings and putting together photo packages according to client specifications, wedding photography might be for you. To learn more about this genre of career check out WPPI.

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