Photoshop: Liquefy

video by Jeff Rojas

Liquefy Tool

The liquefy tool is another very powerful tool within Photoshop. The liquefy tool can be found by going to “filters -- liquefy”. It’s an image manipulation tool that lets you add shape to a photograph. Take a look at the following photograph for example.

Notice how in this photograph the female model isn’t smiling. However, using the liquefy tool you can add a smile to the girls face by simply manipulating and dragging her lips up into a smile. To do this click “filter -- liquefy” and then use the curser to drag her lips up slightly. The results are below. It’s really that simple.

This tool is a great tool for making abstract or overly animated photographs as well. Using the same photograph and the liquefy filter I was able to stretch the models face in the following manner to create an even more exaggerated look. Notice the stretched ears, large eyes and nose. All of this was done is just seconds using the liquefy tool.

Here is an example of how NOT to use the tool courtesy of Winning At Everything:

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