How To Speed Up Your Low Light Long Exposure Workflow

In this video we have a really smart trick for speeding up your workflow when shooting in very low light situations with long exposures in mind.

Basically the technique is t create an accurate exposure with high ISOs. Then work backward from there to figure out your exposure at lower ISOs for a cleaner shot.

So set your camera at very high ISO and shoot a test at hish ISO and then work backward from there to calculate accurate exposure for long exposure.

For example if your test shot is 6400 ISO 1 second at 2.8 then you can work out what your long exposure will be from there.

  • 1 second at f2.8
  • 2 seconds at f4
  • 4 seconds at f5.6
  • 8 seconds at f8
  • 16 seconds at 11

So if you we're shooting f11 at 6400 ISO you'd shoot 16 seconds. However we want a nice clean image with low noise so we can then calculate the lower ISO as follows.

So at f11:

  • 6400 iso - 16 seconds
  • 3200 iso - 32 seconds
  • 1600 iso - 1 minute
  • 800 iso - 2 minutes
  • 400 iso - 4 minutes
  • 200 iso - 8 minutes
  • 100 iso - 16 minutes

The idea here is that instead of wasting your time trying test exposures with low ISOs you try to nail it quickly at high ISO then shoot clean at lower ISOs later.

Video by GreatPhotographyTips

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