Photoshop: The Magnetic Lasso Tool

The next tool I will quickly teach you to use the magnetic lasso tool which is good in situations when you’re in a rush and the image has clearly defined tonal range. In this case you can use the magnetic lasso tool.

The magnetic lasso tool allows you to quickly trace the outline of a distinct object. To use this tool you simply need to drag your curser around your object and the lasso tool will automatically drop square anchor tags along the edges of your subject. If your tool starts tracing the wrong line simply hit the back button and the last anchor tag will be erased.

This may not be your most accurate tool since the tool uses tonal and color values of your main subject against the background colors. However, there are certain tonal grades and colors which are similar which may make tracing difficult. However, if you have a picture with clearly defined separation in colors and tonal ranges this tool is great.

When you choose the magnetic lasso tool you may need to hold down the icon in order to choose the right tool. Make sure you choose the magnetic Lasso tool and not the regular Lasso tool or the polygonal lasso tool.

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