Photography Course Assignments

When you enroll in our photography course you will complete many assignments which will help guide you to be a better photographer. After you complete each lesson you will need to complete the accompanying assignment. After you've uploaded your assignment to our online student submission HUB we will have one of our photography teachers review and critique your work.

This individualized attention allows you to see where you are going wrong and what you need to do in order to improve your photographs. Our course has 14 lessons and there are assignments to accompany each of the photography course lessons. Therefore each assignment will relate to each lesson you take. Our list of lessons are below.

    Lesson 1: Re-discovering your World
    Lesson 2: Finding Inspiration from Photography Masters
    Lesson 3: Using Your Camera's Settings
    Lesson 4: Manipulate Reality: Film, Lenses, Filters and More
    Lesson 5: Organizing Color: Color & Color Theory
    Lesson 6: Basic Photography Composition
    Lesson 7: Photography Lighting
    Lesson 8: Advanced Photography Composition
    Lesson 9: Black and White Photography
    Lesson 10: Photographic Styles: Abstract to Portraits & Beyond
    Lesson 11: Digital Darkroom: Creating Dramatic Effects
    Lesson 12: Creating Your Photography Portfolio
    Lesson 13: Congratulations! It's Time for You to Get Published!
    Lesson 14: Final Class & Final Exam

You can learn more about our photography course by visiting the homepage. Alternatively you can use the link below to sign up and start learning right away.

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