How To Remove People From Crowded Scenes Using Photoshop

In this video by PTC we learn how to remove crowds of people from a photo using photoshop.

The technique is simple and there are two different ways to achieve it. The slow manual way or the fast automatic way:

Slow Manual Way

  1. Shoot a series of photos of the same scene. Ideally a tripod roughly 10 or 20 seconds apart)
  2. In Photoshop click file scripts load files into stack.
  3. Choose files or folders to bring into PS.
  4. PS loads the photos into layers.
  5. Align images select all the layers.
  6. Edit auto align layers (auto, then ok).
  7. Select all layers.
  8. Right click on the side of any layer, convert to smart object.
  9. Select the smart object.
  10. Click layer smart objects, stack mode, median. (Median looks at all pixels in all photos, the ones that are the same throughout will stay, the ones that change will disappear)

Now you know how to do it manually!

Fast Automatic Way

  1. Click File, scripts, statistics, use, select folder with your images, choose the images, then select attempt to align source image, and under stack mode choose median and click ok. Done!

Now you know how to do it automatically!

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