How To Present Your Photography Portfolio

How To Present Your Photography Portfolio

It’s always going to be a compromise between portability and presentability. Generally speaking letter size (A4) is ideal. This will allow the viewer to see the fine details of the photography without having to squint

In terms of what materials to present your portfolio in you have no shortage of options. Many people like to present their portfolios in nice leather binders with plastic sheets to separate the actual photographs. The only problem with this is that sometimes the shine from the plastic can cause a distraction when the viewer is looking at the photograph. Matte formatting is often more ideal, or maintaining the integrity of the actual print should be the most important (If it was printed in glossy paper, then you shouldn’t place it behind another layer of glossy plastic.

Creating an online photography portfolio

Besides having a hard copy of your photography portfolio, it’s also a good idea to put a copy of it online. This allows people to look at your work more conveniently and also exposes your work to a global audience.

You have a couple of option when displaying your work online. You can choose to host your portfolio website using a free hosting service. This option is fine if you really don’t want to spend any money, but your page will be located on a location which will be difficult to remember, and you’ll often have advertisements on your page. Or for, just a few dollars a month you can have your own domain name and hosting account set up. I highly recommend using a company called They offer great services and very affordable prices.

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