Reflections In Photography

Reflections and photography go together like peanut butter and jelly. Addding a reflection to your photos is one of the simplest things you can do to make the image stand out. Consider these photographs below. They would not be anywhere near as interesting as they are without reflections.

example of reflection in photography
photo by thomasleuthard

In the image above you can see an example of a blurred reflection. In the image below you see yet another kind of reflection:

Example Of Reflection in Photography
photo by thomasleuthard

So look for reflections and try them out. Sometimes they add nothing, other times they add a whole new dimension to your image!

Here are a few more examples of reflections in photography.

Example of a car reflection in photography
photo by Axion23

Lake Reflection Photography
photo by NikosKoutoulas

It's not complicated, sometimes it's as simple as lying down on the ground and using a puddle and making it work!

Here are a couple more photos of the Flickr Blog featuring reflections.

Finally here is a video if you want to just make your reflections in Photoshop:

Here is a discussion of this topic:

Video by VistaClues

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