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Best Digital Camera for Under $200

I’ve already received some responses from my last post about the best camera on the market right now for under $300 and I’ve been inspired to write another article on the best camera for less than $200. After speaking with people and reading reviews online I’ve concluded that one of the best value for money digital cameras you can get right now for less than $200 is the on this page.

Pretty much every camera on this page is great for the price! It is AMAZING what kind of camera you can get for these prices at this time.

First, I feel that too many consumers who buy cameras in this price range are overly focused on the megapixel count. They put all of their energy in finding the camera with the largest megapixel count with complete disregard for other features. I feel that as a photographer looking to do more with your camera than just point and click you should demand some manual control (above and beyond changing your setting from “portrait” to “landscape”) I’m talking about real control: Shutter speed and aperture control.

You will want a camera that offers this manual control while still providing a high megapixel count (15+ megapixels). Best of all these cameras only cost $100 to $200 depending on where you buy them.

So there you have it. The best digital cameras under $200.

I hope you find this blog and review helpful. Take care for now.