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Fun With Photography

Why So Serious?!

Sometimes learning photography can be a little dull and scientific. Apertures, f-stops and ISOs can get a little too technical and tedious sometimes. We've tried to make our online photography class fun and engaging but even with our class the details of learning photography can be a little dry sometimes. Given that, we're put together this post about fun things you can do with Photography if you're just getting started or if you're the next Cartier Brasson.

Be the party photographer.

Throwing a party? Or is your friend throwing a party? Sign yourself up as the 'professional' photographer for the night and document the evening. Just be careful about posting too much debauchery on Facebook et al. Take it kinda seriously, and tell everyone you're the "official" photographer. If you don't have a speedlite go out and get one. If you're a cheapskate buy one that can be returned if you must. The point is to have fun and get some good party shots.

Buy a lomo or a Holga.

The look these intentionally flaw laden cameras create is really fun. The fish eye lomos are especially fun. They have ridiculously wide angle lenses on them. So wide that they'll capture a person head to toe when the camera is just a few inches from their nose. Scan these photos and give them to your friends so they can use them on Facebook. Better yet, have prints made and make a collage of them on your wall.

Buy a polaroid camera.

Go ahead and buy yourself a polaroid camera and spend the day walking around with it. You only have a certain number of shots to take so make em count. Then post the good ones up in your house / apartment.

We'll be posting more of these "fun with photography" posts in the future. In the meantime let's lighten up a little as photographers sometimes. Remember to have fun and create great images at the same time!

Photos by Duncan Rawlinson and squeakymarmot.