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137 of the Best Gifts For Photographers

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Photographers

Grab some milk and cookies and enjoy this list of the best photography gifts of the year. This carefully curated list will suit every budget. From the quirky and fun to the expensive and pro. This guide has it all.

#1 Photography School Gift Certificate.

I would be remiss if I didn't list this as number 1 on the list. Obviously I have a massive bias here but giving someone the gift of learning photography is one of the best things you can give them. You're basically giving someone the ability to produce high quality photographs for the rest of their lives. When people's houses burn down what do they grab? Their loved ones, their pets, and their photos! Photography is hugely important to people and giving this gift to them would essentially mean they get to have a lifetime of great photographs.

#2 BackBlaze Gift Certificate

I have a Backblaze Review over here but suffice it so say it's the best online backup solution for photographers. Head over here to gift the gift of unlimited online backups. Backblaze Gift certificates come in any denomination. How awesome would it be if you saved your friends' photo collection from disaster? You'd be total BFFs!

#3 Rad Flickr T-Shirts

Flickr just released a bunch of totally rad t-shirts.

#4 Gift a Flickr Pro Account (includes 50 free prints)

Speaking of Flickr. Any self respecting photographer these days should have a flickr pro account. Maybe you know someone who doesn't have one and really should. It's only $24.95 for a 1 year pro account. That's only like $2 a month.

#4 Amazon Photography Gift Card

You can pretty much buy any photography equipment known to man on Amazon so with this photography gift card you'll make your photog friends' holiday season. The chimping will never cease!

#5 Amazon Gift Card With Your Own Photo On It

Even better this gift card from Amazon allows you to upload your own photo and have it on the actual gift card. If you're a photographer this also makes a great gift for clients because you can put the photo you shot for them right on the card!

#6 Kindle PreLoaded with Photography Books

This is probably one of the best things you could ever give to a photographer. A kindle chalk full of photo books! It's simple just buy them a Kindle as a gift and then use the "buy as a gift" option on a bunch of photography books.

#7 SanDisk 64GB Flash Drive

If there is anything that can save a photographer it's a good quality USB stick. USB is practically universal so a photographer can use these to give photos to clients or make prints. They are one of the most useful little tools in a photographers camera bag.

#8 F-Stop Watch

This is exactly what ever hardcore nerd photographer needs a watch that they probably won't wear. It's pretty cheap but more fun than anything.

#8 B&H Gift Cards

B&H is one of the greatest single photography stores on the planet. It could actually be the largest photography store on earth but I'm not really sure. All I know is that if you take a look at this super secret link it will show you photography products with discounts, free shipping, and are in stock right now.

#9 Lens Mugs

This is another stocking stuff style gift. It's mostly just funny and not very practical or useful. Hopefully they don't confuse their real lenses for coffee mugs when you buy this for them.

#10 Visible Dust Sensor Cleaning Kits

Visible Dust Cleaning Kits are the best tool for this type of thing. They are great for cleaning sensors with dust on them and pretty much every pro photographer uses these to clean their sensors these days. A must have for the serious photographer.

#11 Wacom Tablet

Anyone who takes their photoshop seriously knows how important these things are. Any serious photographer or photoshop wiz will be impressed with your knowledge and will love long time if you buy them one of these.

Apparently I was really ambitious when I gave this article a grandiose title. I think I'll go shoot some photos instead of finding more stuff for you to buy. Here's the thing, I'm actually doing you a favor! You don't have to buy as much stuff! I'll continue updating this list over time.

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