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How To Get Rid of Gray Hair in Photoshop

Removing gray hair using Photoshop is a great way to give yourself a digital hair dye. As with most Photoshop techniques, the trick is to make your changes without making the photograph appear unnatural. In the above photograph notice how I removed most of the gray hair from the man’s head but there are still small highlights of grey hair. This ensures that the photograph remains realistic looking.

1. To do this yourself you simply need to click on the "burn" tool

photoshop burn tool

2. Now ensure your "range" is set to "midtones" (since gray hair is a midtone) and set your exposure to about "20%". This ensures your changes to the hair color look natural. If you set your exposure higher the changes will be much more dramatic. In the end it’s up to your artistic preference. If you set it to 20% you can do multiple brush overs to get the desired color.


That’s how you get rid of gray hair in Photoshop.

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