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Tips from a Pro: The Enchanting Wave Photography of Ray Collins 

"I bought my first camera in 2007 due to having a lot of downtime with a knee injury, and I just read and re-read the manual and started playing around with light. I have always been a surfer and live with the ocean right at my doorstep, so it felt like a natural progression to take my camera (in a water housing, of course) straight into the sea. Originally my plan was to take some happy snaps of my mates surfing at home, but in a few months it lead to my first published image, then my first cover."

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Light Painting Lecture

A great discussion of light painting. This video includes some tips and tricks for how to make wonderful light painting photographs. Painting with light is an age old technique for showcasing photographs in a really unique way.

Video by BandH.

Behind The Scenes: Olympics Photography

London 2012 Olympics Photographers
photo by Duncan Rawlinson

Here is a roundup of articles about the photography of the Olympics.

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Jeff Cable: Jeff Cable's Sochi Olympics Workflow

olympics photography
photo by Duncan Rawlinson