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Behind The Scenes: Olympics Photography

London 2012 Olympics Photographers
photo by Duncan Rawlinson

Here is a roundup of articles about the photography of the Olympics.

Wired: How to photograph the Sochi Winter Olympics, as told by a pro

CNET: Photographing the Sochi Winter Olympics with Getty

Gizmodo: The Inside Story of How Olympic Photographers Get Such Stunning Images

Gizmodo: All the Gear an Olympic Photographer Is Bringing to Sochi

Extreme Tech: Sochi Olympics 2014: The tech behind the world’s biggest photo shoot

Complex Mag: Getty Images Sports Photographer Streeter Lecka Talks About Shooting for the Sochi Olympics

Jeff Cable: What is it like to be a photographer at the Olympics?

Jeff Cable: Jeff Cable's Sochi Olympics Workflow

olympics photography
photo by Duncan Rawlinson