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Getting Your Photography Education Online

Photography is an artform like many others. Just like painting, photography requires both a strong technical understanding of the craft as well as a unique creative approach.

Too often new photographers approach photography in a haphazard manner without first acquiring a strong technical understanding of the craft on which later they will be able to hang their creative ideas off of. It`s this technical knowledge which turns photographs from mediocre to great. Knowing how to control light, what to look for in a color palette, how to approach the weight of a scene, how to effectively create a mood, how to control the manual controls of your camera and how to approach an environment to find the strongest possible composition are technical elements that need to be taught to be understood properly.

The Icon Photography School allows photographers the opportunity to get their photography education online in our intensive photography course.

At the Icon Photography School we also focus on our students outcome. We want you to be able to build your resume so we offer both a course completion certificate as well as the opportunity to be published in an well known online magazine.

All of these feature together will help you not only help you develop a deep understanding of the craft of photography but will also help you build your photography resume.

To learn more about the course curriculum and how our online education system works please visit our photography course outline page.

Get 1 Photograph Published

The Icon Photography School has a partnership with a popular online art photography magazine.

Each of our students is given an opportunity to have their work published in the magazine at the end of the course (Just before they complete their final exams).

If you're interested in both learning more about photography and having your photographs published in a popular magazine then you might want to consider signing up for our online photography course here.

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Enroll In Our Online Photography Course

Icon Photography School is an online photography school that specializes in teaching new and experienced photographers how to take professional photographs.

What you will learn

Our interactive online photography course is composed of 11 comprehensive lessons that will provide you with a strong foundation on which to build your personal photography portfolio. This course curriculum takes approximately 2 - 4 weeks to complete but we encourage you to set your own pace.

You will learn concepts that range in scope from beginner theory on the technical control of your camera settings to advanced topics in post production & composition. A short list of the topics covered in our photography course include:

  • Using Your Camera's Automatic Settings for Eye-Catching Outcomes
  • Manipulating Reality: Film, Lenses, Filters and More
  • Organizing Color: Color & Color Theory
  • Basic Photography Composition
  • Photography Lighting
  • Advanced Photography Composition
  • Black and White Photography
  • Photographic Styles: Abstract to Portraits & Beyond
  • Digital Darkroom: Creating Dramatic Effects
  • Creating Your Photography Portfolio

Our photography school takes a "project based" approach to teaching our students. We focus on the process of creation rather than simply testing theoretical and technical knowledge. While exams and quizzes are a part of our course framework they are not the focus. Instead we focus our attention on our student's performance in the field. Our qualified photography instructors will provide one-on-one, personalized feedback on each of your lesson assignments.

Publishing opportunities

We have a partnership with an online art magazine which provides a valuable opportunity for our students to get their work published in a popular online magazine with a readership in the tens of thousands. Click on the magazine cover below to see an example of some of our student work in the magazine.

How the photography course is structured

Our student HUB is the online community where our students download their digital lecture notes, take online quizzes and upload their assignments for our teachers to personally analyze and provide feedback.

At the end of the course you'll have a completed photography portfolio and you'll be asked to complete a final exam. Upon successful completion of this exam we will mail you a personalized 8x10 course completion certificate.

Summary of Icon Photography School Benefits

  • Hundreds of dollars less than traditional photography courses of the same quality and length.
  • International scope: Enroll from anywhere in the world
  • One-on-one personalized attention
  • Immediate improvement in your photographs
  • Project based and not time based: You set your own pace without the pressure of deadlines.
  • No waiting for anything to arrive in the mail. Enroll today and start today.
  • Professional, experienced staff
  • Personalized course completion certificate upon successful completion of course

It's time to enhance the creative side of your mind. Enroll today!

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How To Sell Your Photographs Online

If you are a photographer and you’re looking to either a) start making a living from it or 2) find additional ways to make passive income from your work as a photographer then this article will help you greatly.

Here are some different options for selling your photographs online.

Sell your stock photography through 3rd party stock photography websites.




If you sign up for photostockplus.com you’ll receive 85% commission plus be charged a small processing fee for each order that goes through. You’ll receive your own storefront and the website actively markets your photographs to corporate and individual clients. Like most stock photography companies, they don’t make money unless you do which means they have huge incentive to promote their photographers. They also handle all printing and shipping letting you focus on just taking photographs. You also have full control of print quality and the pricing structure for your photographs. They do provide pricing recommendations which range between $18 to $100 but in the end it’s up to you to set the prices.

Shutterpoint.com is very similar to the photostockplus. They will protect your images with watermarks and provide an eCommerce storefront that allows people to search through your photographs and order their favorite prints. They pay out between 70% and 85% of the purchase price to their clients.

Fotolia.com is another revenue sharing website that claims that “Almost 100% of all images uploaded* are online and generate revenue through direct sales or via our exclusive revenue sharing program from advertisement in the free pictures section.” You will have full control of pricing and this website which is a very popular stock photography website also allows for user and photograph ratings and they also have a high payout of 80% for the photographer.

Using these stock photography companies you can get the biggest commission (industry average is 52%) and you’ll get great exposure to your photographs and hopefully be able to earn some extra revenue through your hard work as a photographer.

Some photographers make a living selling stock photography. However, it usually takes years before your photography portfolio will be large enough to have the quality photographs within it for substantial commercial success.

However, selling stock photography is a great way to earn passive income (no mater how small the payments) and allows you to focus on photograph taking while the stock photography companies focus on website promotion and the business end of things.

Best of luck selling your photographs online.

Photography Crash Course

Icon Photography School provides an opportunity for photographers to get an online photography education for a small fraction of the price that other photography courses charge. We offer a comprehensive course that covers all of the aspects of photography from idea conceptualization and color control to composition and lighting.

Best of all, we offer 1 on 1 support through our student HUB where our students interact with one another and our teachers provide feedback on student assignments.

There are no timelines or deadlines for the assignments, which makes our course great for individuals with busy schedules. You can take as long as you like to finish the course or move as quickly through the assignments as you like. Generally speaking, most of our students complete our course within 2 -4 weeks.

The course cost is currently 50% off the regular enrollment price and is now being offered at a very reasonable. Visit our photography school homepage to learn more about the course and sign up today.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions. We’re more than happy to help!