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Getting Your Photography Education Online

Photography is an artform like many others. Just like painting, photography requires both a strong technical understanding of the craft as well as a unique creative approach.

Too often new photographers approach photography in a haphazard manner without first acquiring a strong technical understanding of the craft on which later they will be able to hang their creative ideas off of. It`s this technical knowledge which turns photographs from mediocre to great. Knowing how to control light, what to look for in a color palette, how to approach the weight of a scene, how to effectively create a mood, how to control the manual controls of your camera and how to approach an environment to find the strongest possible composition are technical elements that need to be taught to be understood properly.

The Icon Photography School allows photographers the opportunity to get their photography education online in our intensive photography course.

At the Icon Photography School we also focus on our students outcome. We want you to be able to build your resume so we offer both a course completion certificate as well as the opportunity to be published in an well known online magazine.

All of these feature together will help you not only help you develop a deep understanding of the craft of photography but will also help you build your photography resume.

To learn more about the course curriculum and how our online education system works please visit our photography course outline page.