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Free Flash Photography Website Templates

Over the last few months I have noticed more and more photographers asking me how to upload their images online using “visually impressive flash technology”. But there is a catch. These photographers want FREE flash photography website templates. They don’t want regular personal or business flash templates, they want a website template built specifically for photographers.

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Okay, well finding these solutions should be simple enough right? Wrong. After much searching online the only options which were showing up were photography templates which were not flash based, poorly designed flash website templates or “pay for use” template providers.

The pay per use template providers seemed like the best bet. For between $30 and $60 you could get a pretty decent looking flash website to host your photographs on. When I told the group of photographers about this option they were hesitant. They wanted a free photography website template.

Realizing I took the easy way out, I went back to the drawing board (Google) to try and find them free options. After some deeper searching I found a really interesting option.

Art Tight Interactive
This website offers free flash photography websites. They sites are simple and elegant and incorporate a minimalist approach to design. I’m not sure if you can insert any text but the final website results are impressive.

You can see two examples of their photography website templates here.

Photography Website Template Demo 1 – Low Res
Photography Website Template Demo 2 – High Res

Check out both demos. The “low res” option shows how you can alter the design of the site. To be honest I might even like the design of the low res option a little better.

So there you have it. If your looking for a professional looking, elegant and simple flash photography website template this should do just the trick.

I hope this was helpful for those of you looking to put your photography portfolios online.