Get The Shot or Protect Your Equipment

Protect Your Gear or Get The Shot?

I once met a big time hot shot producer from hollywood. He was in the business of shooting large budget movies and TV shows for hollywood. He said something that blew my mind. They often used what he called "throw away" cameras that we're $5000. He was referring to small consumer level HD video cameras that they often only used for one shot because they would certainly be destroyed during the shot. The budgets for these shows/movies we're so large that $5000 was relatively inconsequential.

What does this have to do with getting the shot? Well, if you're a professional photographer (or filmmaker) and you absolutely need to get the shot to make your high paying client happy don't worry about your gear so much. Do what you can to be diligent about protecting your gear but don't let the fear of damaging you gear prevent you from getting that killer shot.

Just a thought.

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