How to Complete The Course

ips letter from director

The Process
Going through our photography course is easy and straight forward. The process mimics that of a bricks and mortar school, so there should be no surprises for anyone. The course works as follows.

Step 1
Complete each individual lesson. At the end of some lessons there are quizes and each lesson has an assignment. Both of these elements are optional but it is in your best interest as a photographer to complete the quizzes and assignments. Most of your advancement as a photographer will come from the completion of these hands on, practical assignments.

Step 2
Each of your quizzes will be instantly graded. The grade is a self measuring tool to help you understand if you need to spend more time learning the concepts within the lesson. They have no impact on your final grade. We recommend if you score less than 75% that you re-read the lesson material and take the quiz again at a later time. These quizzes are not graded by our lesson instructors and are simply meant for you to gauge your lesson retention and comprehension levels.

Step 3
Each lesson will also have an assignment attached to it which will allow you to practice the concepts learned within each lesson. Again, these assignments are optional but it is STRONGLY encouraged that you complete these assignments. Once you complete the assignment you can upload your work to the student workspace and have your work viewed and commented on by other students and reviewed and critiqued by one of our staff members. You will receive your review / critique within 24-48 hours of posting your assignment Monday through Friday. Assignment submissions after Friday will not be graded until Monday.

Step 4
Near the end of the course you have assignments to create online and offline portfolios. This will help for both a personal sense of completion as well as for employment or gallery opportunities.

Step 5
One of our instructors will go through your online portfolio and will choose a picture to their liking that fits into a theme for an online art magazine that we publish. The online art magazine is a high end boutique magazine which caters to artists from all over the world. We publish mostly non-students in our magazine but as a mandatory component of our course we ask that you create at least 1 photograph which is of high enough quality to work in our art magazine.

Step 6
After you have completed all of the assignments, quizzes, portfolios and all other tasks which are asked of you throughout our course, you will need to take the final exam. The final exam can be accessed through your main student page. If you score over 80% on the final exam you will graduate our course with honors.

Step 7
Once you finish the final exam your results will be emailed to us and upon passing you will receive your personalized course completion certificate.

All the best with completing this course!

We look forward to seeing your work along the way.

It’s now time to continue on to your first lesson. Go Go Go!

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