Re: Re: Assignment 11 – Digital Darkroom

Duncan Rawlinson

I like what you’ve chosen to do here. There is a subtle elegance to these somewhat monochromatic images. The photographs themselves aren’t spectacular but you’ve created a nice piece using digital post processing tools and you’ve done so quite well.

This is something I would print out and put on my wall. And for me that’s often the test of the quality of something. I ask myself would I put this on my wall? And in this case the answer is yes. I would like you to continue using digital processing tools like CS5 for subtle or minor improvements as you’ve done here. You image is classy and elegant.

This area is very subjective but the key here is to only ever use the tools when you can’t achieve it in camera or you need to correct a simple mistake. The adobe creaitve suite is very powerful and “With great power comes great responsibility” so be careful not to overdo it and use it sparingly.

Job Well done!

See you on the next assignment. 😀