Re: Re: Assignment 3

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Tammy,

You’ve understood the slower / motion part of this assignment very well. I can clearly see that the dog is shaking off and there is a nice little motion blur.

In an instance like this you can also go the other way, meaning freeze the action entirely using a very fast shutter speed.

photo by soggydan

You’ll need to try your shallow depth of field photograph again though.

At f22 almost everything will be in focus and thus achieving shallow depth of field will be very hard. f22 would ideal for say a nice landscape photograph but it’s not great for shallow depth of field.

This would be an example of something shot at f22:

photo by jingleslenobel

Try shooting at a lower fstop like f4 or f1.8 Also, try standing farther back and using a zoom lens if you have one.

Let me know when you’ve done this!