Re: Re: assignment 3 (shutter speed & aperture)

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Soud!!

Thanks for sending in your photos for this assignment!

This assingment is really about two things, depth of field, and motion.

Your “traditional dance” is nice but there are a few things you could do to improve the overall quality of the image:

For instance, I wouldn’t know there was any dancing at here if there wasn’t a caption to the photo.

When you see someone dancing try to capture their whole body and the unique positions they move themselves into.

Like this:

Desperation; Who holds your heart? by kelsey_lovefusionphoto, on Flickr

Alternatively try to capture the emotion of a dance like this:

I’m ready to dance (Estoy lista para bailar) by AleCue, on Flickr

In your dancing photography it’s hard to see what the person is doing because there are people/things obstructing the main person… You have managed to shoot something with relatively shallow depth of field so that’s good!

Just try to keep in mind that you want to shoot high quality images for all assignments.

Now, you’re other car racing photographs:

You’ve done an exceedingly good job at using the panning technique to show motion here in both photographs. GREAT WORK!

Some tips to improve them:
Photo 1:
Notice the fence blocking the car?! Always have your main subject clear of distracting elements like this fence.

People don’t like to look at a photo when there is something blocking the most interesting element. (unless it’s for a good reason)

Photo 2:
This is an excellent racing photograph! Good job!

To improve this photograph try to work on the composition of the frame. You need to add more “lead room” sometimes also known as “nose room”.

Check this article:

It basically means leave more space in front of the thing that is moving because it allows for and implies motion in that direction.

Overall Soud, you’ve done some fantastic panning work on these last two photographs. So GOOD JOB!!!

I look forward to seeing your next assignments.

Did you submit your photo for the contest yet?!