Re: Re: Assignment 7: lighting soft and hard

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Tammy,

Thanks for sending in another assignment!

I feel like it’s hard for me to know for sure if you understood the soft light aspect of this assignment. If you want to shoot another soft light image and post it here that would be awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, your soft light image is delightful, I just want to make sure you know the subtleties of soft vs hard light.

Your hard light is very hard so it’s pretty clear your understood that one.

On that image specifically you’ve got a massive lens flare which I think works in this instance. Just be aware that shooting into the sun directly can be quite challenging.

If you want an example of soft v hard light that another student check out the assignment Rissa just shot.

Btw, here is a video that talks about this in more detail.

Thank you!