Re: Re: Assignment I

Duncan Rawlinson

Ok I’ve taken a second to look at this and I think you’ve certainly created something unique.

It doesn’t really fit the criteria of the assignment because the coaster itself was not a mundane object but that’s ok. With what you’ve done here you’ve shown that you’re ready to play and to learn so that’s great.

I’m glad that you’ve started your assignments and signed up for the course. More importantly I hope you had some fun playing around with this. I would encourage you to avoid using any post processing on your images for these assignments going forward.

To be honest there isn’t much I can add to this particular image given that your experiment was, well an experiment. You’ll find that throughout the course there are certain instances where something is so entirely subjective that there isn’t much I can add.

In this case you’ve created a piece of abstract ‘art’ that isn’t really my thing but if you like it than that’s great!

Thanks for sending this in.

I look forward to helping you through the course.