Re: Re: bubble- lesson 2 assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi there,

Thanks for submitting another assignment.

Here are a few masters of photography that you can learn from:

Also take a look at the video library when you get a chance.

The reason for this lesson is that it gets you to think about what you like. It makes you think about what inspires you to take good photographs. There is much to be learned from people who have come before you in photography!

The idea is that if you know what really inspires you, it will fuel your desire to learn and have fun with it.

Another thing you can do is look at what other people in your area are doing and learn from them. For example here are some photos related to the Caribbean.

Don’t worry if you don’t know much at this point, that’s the idea! There is so much to learn and the learning never stops. For now just focus on the fun part, the taking photos!

The settings you use on your camera are important and they can be very confusing at first. Do not worry! With practice it will all become natural. As you progress through the ourse it will make more and more sense!

Have fun, and see you on the next assignment.