Re: Re: B&W in the boudoir!

Duncan Rawlinson

Hey Amy,

I’m not too worried about the rules or which lesson happens when…

This is a nice image and you’ve certainly managed to capture a very nice and wide tonal range.

The background is very clean and simple and the image is really quite nice.

One challenge in these situations is to have a complete loss of detail in the darks. You really have to be careful with your exposure and the amount of light you’re working with.

Of course you may often want the darks to be very dark if not totally black.

In this case we’re losing detail on the dark side of your model and her back is a bit muddled with the pattern on the wall in the BKG.

I appreciate your desire to make this image more artsy but there is almost nothing people find more interesting than faces. Faces in portraits can really make for wonderful images.

Watch your depth of field here as well. It looks as though you’re losing some focus on the far side of the subject.

Whatever the case you’ve shot a lovely portrait.

Just get your camera off ISO 400 and Auto White Balance! 😉

See you on the next one.