Re: Re: Filter

Duncan Rawlinson

That is an absolutely spectacular photo. Personally I love the infrared look so I’m a little biased. But even the composition is very well done in this photograph. I would like to draw your (and other students) attention to some of the key highlights of this photograph.

1. You’ve used your foreground very effectively. I have different “layers” in the photograph but your foreground is particularly impressive. A good foreground helps lead the viewers eye into the picture.
2. Secondly your use of a leading line (the cement pillars in the foreground) act as a nice diagonal to further help lead the viewers eye into the photograph.
3. All of the elements of the photograph are interesting. The trees, the texture and the shapes all help create a beautiful piece. However, you’ve also managed to fit in a “primary object” in your center (the waterfall). This gives the eye something to rest on while it’s not exploring the rest of the photograph.
4. due to the filer used, you’ve managed to simplify the color range and also provide a very dramatic tonal range.
5. Considering you used a large range of high tones in this photograph, nothing is overexposed or washed out (including your sky). This is quite rare in outdoor daytime photographs.

Great job. The best of yours I’ve seen so far from a composition standpoint!