Re: Re: Lesson 1: Beauty and Beast

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Tom,

First welcome to our community.

Second thanks for submitting your first images!

Often people sign up for the course and they don’t even submit their first image. 😮

The goal of this assignment is to get you to see the world as a photographer and think about the world like a photographer.

Any good photographer will tell you there are at least 10 interesting images just waited to be created in your immediate vicinity. It’s just a matter of learning the art and technique of making them good.

For now, you can learn by just getting creative and having fun with photography.

You’ve certainly found a mundane item here in your tissue box.

What’s more important is that you’ve managed to take a tissue box and you’ve turned it into a piece of abstract art but simply changing the composition of the image.

That’s great.

Take a look at this and this to see how other people have done a similar thing.

The idea here is to keep that in mind going forward.

Always be thinking, “how can I make this image more interesting” “how can I change this to improve the image”

You’ll find yourself subconsciously asking yourself these questions automatically as you become a better photographer.

Looking forward to helping you through the course.

Welcome aboard!