Re: Re: Lesson 10 – Landscape or Cityscape

Duncan Rawlinson

I didn’t even notice that it was the “boulder cafe”!

All I really noticed were the potted plants because they feature so heavily.

If you wanted to feature the cafe you could have shot it a little more front on.

For example a while ago I shot a photo of a cafe because I wanted to feature it so I shot just the cafe:


Notice how there isn’t much to it and that I have used lines to organize the frame.

My other thought about your image was how does it make this photograph more interesting being shot at night? Given that those potted plants feature so heavily I was thinking that it could have been shot during the day. I hope you know what I mean.

Finally don’t forget about people!

Shoot more people. There is a misconception by many people starting out in photography that you want to get people out of the frame so you can see the building, or the church or whatever. This is dead wrong, try to get people in your frame and ideally shoot them doing something.

Even in a landscape or cityscape people can add a sense of scale and they often improve the image.