Re: Re: Lesson 12

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Amanda,

Nice job getting this stuff together online. I would highly recommend that you eventually own your own website and domain name.

Those platforms are both good for sharing your images and getting them out there but trust me, you want to own your own thing. I’ve been around long enough to see photo platforms come and go…

Also be careful about using a certain brand. You may end up hating your ‘miss understood’ brand name. One thing that never changes is your own name.

Whatever the case as long as you have somewhere to share you work and post it up online you’re ahead of the game.

If you don’t post it up somewhere on the internet, it didn’t happen!

I’d also like to see some more landscapes here:

Also the one at the bottom isn’t your strongest image.

Of course if you’re really into portraits there is no rule saying you need landscapes!

As always, your first 10000 images will be your worst so keep shooting every single day!

Nice job here!