Reply To: Lesson 2 Assignment.

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi there,

Thanks for posting your assignment. I’m glad you’ve taken the time to do what the assignment asks and really put some thought into this.

Steve McCurry is certainly one of the great living photographers.

His portrait of the Afghan Girl is probably one of the most famous portraits of someone who isn’t famous. I’m sure you’ve seen it but they went back and found her many many years later. He is probably one of the greatest photographers that I can think of. He is an absolute master of light and capturing remarkable images. As you mentioned one of his great strengths is his mastery of color in photography.

Just take a quick glance at his blog and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The guy is amazing.

Keep studying his work. He is a living legend. Keep his work in the back of your mind just so you know what is possible with photography. Use it as inspiration to work on what you like taking photographs of.

For anyone else looking at this you can learn more about Steve McCurry here

He (or his studio) is on Twitter here:

Nice job here.

See you on the next assignment.