Re: Re: Lesson 3


[attachment=0:2ogvmhk5]IBO 010.jpg[/attachment:2ogvmhk5]
This picture was taken couple of weeks ago while on holiday with friends. One of the guesthouses we stayed at had some kittens around and naturally our friends little kitten fell in love with these creatures. I took this shot using shallow depth of field to throw the kid at the backround out of focus while keeping the kitten sharp. I loved the effect of her dreamy look… I didnt that much like that at that very moment by book sat in front of the cat 🙁 And like so many times, these moments can not be re-created as both the kitten and the kid had something else in mind. Anyway, with or without the book, I still love this shot and I think it also demonstrates what this lesson is all about.