Re: Re: Lesson 3

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Santiago,

Thanks for submitting another assignment.

You have completed the assignment here by showing motion and depth field in your respective images.

The motion image could have been improved by standing at more of a perpendicular angle to the subject matter. That such an angle it becomes easier to match the speed of the object in motion. This video provides a great tutorial on panning in photography.

In your photo, the angle your shooting at and the motion means your subject isn’t totally sharp. That’s ok though. In this situation its very challenging to get a perfectly sharp in focus image. But with practice you will get good at it.

What’s really important to take away from this part of the lesson is that photography is a static medium. Your images don’t move. So if you want to show motion you have to use tricks like this.

Just add this tool to your repertoire of tricks and use it wisely!

Now your shallow depth image is pretty good although there are a couple of things you should take away. For one if you’re shooting a setup shot like this it’s a good idea to take your time and use a tripod.

Also shoot a low ISOs to reduce noise if have the option. This image was shot at ISO 640 and the resulting noise/grain in the photograph could be improved.

A simple technique you can use to improve

A simple way to get nice shallow depth of field and have control is to use a fast telephoto lens. Often you’ll see portrait photographers using these. Any fast lens will really work but you get the idea.

Here is the thing, this assignment is to get you to understand depth of field. I want you to eventually master depth of field and to understand when it’s appropriate to use deep or shallow depth of field. That will come with time and practice.

Another thing I would like to ask of you is that from now on in the course I only want you to submit photographs that you would be willing to print and hang on a wall somewhere. In other words I don’t just want the photographs to meet the criteria of the assignment, I want them to meet the criteria and ALSO be great photographs on their own.

So I give you this as a challenge.

Are you on Twitter by the way?

Good job here see you on the next assignment.