Re: Re: Lesson 5

Duncan Rawlinson

Hey Fred!

So you’ve submitted a few photographs here.

I’ve noticed a trend in your work. You’ll need to start thinking more abour exposure than anything else.

Your first photo, although nice, has some serious areas that are “blown out”. Meaning completely overexposed and white. Take a look at the sky in the frame.

Your second photo is your strongest image to date and it meets the criteria for this assignment perfectly!

You’ve taken some basic colors and made them clear up your frame and you’ve created a very simple image that is pleasing to the eye! I like it! The composition of the frame is interesting but it feels a bit off for some reason. Don’t forget about your golden ratio and the rule of thirds. After that, don’t forget to break those rules for a reason 😉

Your third photo is also nice but take note of the lens flare in the frame. You could remove this in photoshop lightroom or apple aperture quite easily. What’s better is using a lens hood when you shoot to avoid these. If your lens hood still can’t block it out you can just hold your hand up and put the shadow of your hand on the front of the lens. Just be sure your hand is out of the frame though! 😉

Great work here.

Take note of how powerful simple colors are and how they work together to improve your images. Many times less is more and using simple but powerful color like this will dramatically improve the quality of your images.

Look at how vibrant and amazing these photos are. They have great color!

Palenqueras al natural by *L*u*z*A*, on Flickr

Mount Damavand by Hamed Saber, on Flickr