Re: Re: Lesson 5: Colour Theory

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Tom!

How nice to be able to spend the weekend in italy! I am green with envy! Get it, that’s a color joke! hehehhehe.

I was in venice recently.

Here are some photographs I took there:

You’ve certainly seen colors in your world and used color to create three visually appealing photographs! So you have completed the assignment with er, um, flying colors. How many bad color jokes can I do? 😳

All three of your images are nice but your last image is by far the strongest photograph of the three.

The first two images have a nice minimalist aesthetic and they have been reduced to simplicity. They are clean, elegant, and I like them quite a bit. They certainly meet the criteria for this assignment. However for some reason I am very drawn to your last image and I want to discuss why.

Your last image is stunning. In fact it’s arguably one of best images ever submitted here by a student.

There are a whole series of elements that you have lined up to make for this nice image. This photograph features all of the following elements:

great composition
lovely soft colors
rich textures
amazing patterns
small details
good exposure
nice light
nice shadows
lovely reflections on the water
a great color palette

It’s magic! 🙂

The only thing I would do to improve this is ensure that it was a tiny but sharper.

Nice job here Tom!!! Awesome work! High fives!!!