Re: Re: Lesson 6

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Santiago!

This is quite a lovely image you’ve created here.

Here is the EXIF data for anyone looking at this in future:

You have managed to take a chaotic street scene and turn it into a lovely calm and simple image. This was the goal of the assignment and so you have done very well here. By shooting at night and positioning yourself the way you have, you created a very simple looking image that is quite nice.

Obviously the ghosting on the dog and the people is a result of the long exposure but I actually think it kind of works. If you really wanted to simplify this even more you could have waited for there to be no people but I’m not too worried about it.

You have composed the image well and shot with excellent settings for this scenario.

One suggestion I would have is get the post processing software Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. One of the most amazing features of this software is it’s ability to almost eliminate the grain in a noisy image. I’m not sure how they do it but its AMAZING and you must have it.

Here are some screenshots of the software:




So pick up that software as soon as you can.

Overall you’ve done a really great job here and I hope you continue to improve the way you are. There isn’t much for me to add here and that’s great it means you are really getting good.

See you on the next assignment.