Re: Re: Lesson 6

Duncan Rawlinson

On this one I’m going to suggest this composition:
[attachment=1:2f79rtgo]DSC_2051 Edited 01.jpg[/attachment:2f79rtgo]

If you want to send in another one here that would be great!

I like your composition and the strong lines and geometric shapes and symmetry. Just be aware that when you’re shooting something like this you need to be very careful about the shape of your image and the lines in the frame.

Here is an example I’ve seen of spectacular composition and attention to detail by Marcin Ryczek:
[attachment=0:2f79rtgo]man feeding swans.jpg[/attachment:2f79rtgo]

Look at how perfect the geometry and composition of the image is!

So make sure your horizons are flat and your lines are straight. Use the lens distortion tool in your post processing tool if you need to, to correct aberrations.

Overall you’ve done a nice job and I would like to continue to see you work on your composition in all of your photographs.