Re: Re: Lesson 7 Assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Christopher,

I’m still sick but I thought I would try to get to this.

The Lesson 7 is about creating two photographs. One that features hard or harsh light and one that features soft light.

In your images here you have done that quite well. Obviously the photograph of the clock could have far less noise to improve the overall quality of the image but without that it’s quite a nice image and it features very nice soft light.

Now I want you to be careful. Don’t confuse dark or low light with nice soft light. People often get tripped up with this. Try to look at the shadows (or lack of sharp shadows) and that should help you figure out the quality of the light.

The reason I bring this up is that your photograph of the burned pages doesn’t really feature hard light.

Can you please submit another hard light image just so I can see you know what I mean.

Sorry for the slow response time.

I’m still sick. ugh..