Re: Re: Lesson 7 by Annette redo

Duncan Rawlinson

Let’s start with your hard light image.

This is quite a nice image with lots going on. If there was a couple tweaks it would be a nicer image.

First the composition of the image is quite nice and the main area of interest (the gentleman looking right at you) is very well placed.

However you will probably notice a few things. One there pointy flag and the top of the mans hat on the left edge of the frame. The tip of the hat can be cropped out and the flag would just have to stay.

Also in this particular instance if you could position yourself such that everything modern was removed from the frame (those tents in the back) it would have added to the ‘historical’ feeling of the image. Also, there are certain vintage filters you can apply to images. A sepia effect can sometimes add a nice vintage look. Like this:


I also sharpened the image and cropped it a little bit.

I sharpened the image because the image looks ever so slightly out of focus. THis is most likely due to camera shake. Its critical that you try to hold your camera as still as possible when shooting or adjust your settings accordingly to reduce camera shake. Or use a faster lens..

In terms of the quality of the light here, it actually looks to be quite hazy and a little more difuse than I would have liked. Take note of the shadows. As a general rule the sharper the lines on the shadows the harsher the light.

Now onto your image of the baby.

The first thing is that this was shot at ISO 100. In this low light situation it’s probably too low of an ISO to get a sharp image. You’ll note that this image is a bit out of focus as a result… The ISO is basically how sensitive the sensor on your camera is… The higher the number the more sensitive it is. Note that the higher the number the more grainy/noisy your photos will be as well…

The quality of the light is relatively soft although it appears as though there is an incandescent light above her.

Overall I think you’ve done a pretty decent job on this assignment.

Try to remember to look at the shadows and always be thinking about the quality of the light your are shooting in.