Re: Re: Lesson 9 – Black and White

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Fred,

Thanks for sending in another assignment.

First and foremost you have submitted two images that have a mood all onto their own and they are both nice images. Of course there is always room to improve.

The first image has an interesting aspect ratio. Usually that means someone has cropped the image. There is certainly nothing wrong with cropping an image just be aware that an image like this might be hard to print and frame if you’d like to. I tend to use standard aspect ratios when I crop an image.

read more about aspect ratios here…

The photo itself is nice but I want so see the person’s face. I tend not to like images of the backsides of people.

Your image of the staircase is much stronger as a photograph and is one of your best images to date. Your use of lines and patterns here is excellent. Your composition is also quite nice. I even like that you’ve exposed the image such that the center of the frame appears like a blackhole to nowhere…

So your image is quite nice and you’ve got some solid blacks and some good tones. I really like the image. Don’t forget to keep your self out of the image. I think I can see your foot!!

Nice work here Fred!